La Lou

Hi! I am Loulou Catharina.
This website shows my work which I make under the name La Lou.

My work represents my view of a woman's world. My woman's world. I'm a woman, girl, mother, dancer, teacher and artist, all in one.
I'd like to inspire and give recognition to other women and people, mostly with a rebellious and delightful touch.

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Zodiac Portraits

My latest project is making portraits of all zodiac signs.
Everyone is born with one. I think it tells a lot about your character and vision on life. It can tell you about your strong sides and your strength, but also your weaknesses.

Portrait on Request

Personal Portrait? Or maybe a portrait of a loved one? 
Contact me and we can talk about the possibilities! 

-A work of Art that did not start 
in emotion, is not Art..-

Paul Cezanne